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    #include #include #define TRIGGER_PIN 2 // Arduino Pin 2 Tied To Trigger Pin On The Ultrasonic Sensor.#define ECHO_PIN 3 // Arduino Pin 3 Tied To Echo Pin On The Ultrasonic Sensor.#define MAX_DISTANCE 150 // Maximum Distance We Want To Ping For (in Centimeters). Maximum Sensor Distance Is Rated At 400-500cm.#define SERVO_PWM_PIN 9 //set Servo To Arduino's Pin 9 // Means -angle .. Angle#define ANGLE_BOUNDS 80#define ANGLE_STEP 1 Int Angle = 0; // Direction Of Servo Movement // -1 = Back, 1 = Forward Int Dir = 1; Servo Myservo;NewPing Sonar(TRIGGER_PIN, ECHO_PIN, MAX_DISTANCE); Void Setup() { Serial.begin(9600); // Initialize The Serial Port: Myservo.attach(SERVO_PWM_PIN); //set Servo To Arduino's Pin 9} Void Loop() { Delay(50); // We Must Renormalize To Positive Values, Because Angle Is From -ANGLE_BOUNDS .. ANGLE_BOUNDS // And Servo Value Must Be Positive Myservo.write(angle + ANGLE_BOUNDS); // Read Distance From Sensor And Send To Serial GetDistanceAndSend2Serial(angle); // Calculate Angle If (angle >= ANGLE_BOUNDS || Angle <= -ANGLE_BOUNDS) { Dir = -dir; } Angle += (dir * ANGLE_STEP); } Int GetDistanceAndSend2Serial(int Angle) { Int Cm = Sonar.ping_cm(); Serial.print(angle, DEC); Serial.print(","); Serial.println(cm, DEC); }


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